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Frequently asked questions

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  • Which schools are eligible for this program?
  • All public primary schools in the Basque Autonomous Community, operating under any of the three linguistic models, are invited to take part in Learning Through Art.
  • Is it essential to use all of the materials listed for each project and follow all of the procedures in order to properly complete the project?
  • No, the activities can be quite successful even if not all of the materials are used or all of the instructions strictly followed. A series of materials and instructions are provided for each project, along with helpful suggestions. These activities are meant to be flexible and can therefore be adapted to meet the needs and circumstances of different students and schools.
  • Can the program be carried out in less timeframe?
  • The program is conducted in 90-minute sessions once a week at the school over a period of 20 weeks. This timeframe is considered the most appropriate for the program's successful design and implementation. However, since teachers have access to the activities online, the various projects can be adapted to meet specific needs and curriculum requirements.
  • How can I stimulate creativity among my students?
  • Showing them images of artwork and organizing discussions around them can provide new perspectives and ways of looking at art. This is a good way to spark interest before students begin to create. It is also important to have an open approach to your projects so that students learn to make their own decisions based on what they are interested in doing. Personal reflection and decision-making are skills that can be fostered during the creative process. You might want to ask your students to write down their initial thoughts and ideas or make sketches before starting to work.
  • How effective is the program with students who have difficulties keeping up with the curriculum?
  • These workshops have proven to be effective in reinforcing certain areas of school curriculum, developing reading, writing and language skills, boosting self-esteem and personal growth, and building greater respect among students for their own work as well as that of their classmates. Since schoolchildren are more receptive to learning through artistic activities, the workshops are highly effective with students who have difficulties following traditional learning methods. The goal of Learning Through Art is to make art a tool for discovering, exploring, and learning. It does not focus only on subjects in the school curriculum, but also on developing series of values to help young children grow and develop in society.
  • How can I motivate my students to play an active role in these projects?
  • It is important to instil in students the idea that they too can be artists and that what they are creating is indeed art. At the end of every school year, Learning Through Art presents an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, featuring a selection of artworks created by participating students. This initiative stimulates students and give them a sense of pride when they how Museum visitors admire their work. You might want to put your students' work on display somewhere at your school or even organize an exhibition at your local cultural centre or public library!
  • How can I adapt these projects to my school curriculum?
  • Every activity is connected to a specific area of the school curriculum and a series of related subjects. This information is provided in each project factsheet. Some of the projects focus on very specific areas such as Mathematics or Physics, but many of them can be adapted to different themes and connected to different areas of the curriculum. The activities can also be done with different artistic techniques. Teachers can emphasize the area that best adapts to their students.
  • How much time should be spent on an activity?
  • One 90-minute session per week is dedicated to the projects in the program, with a total of 20 sessions per school year. An entire 90 minutes should be set aside for each session to allow students to fully complete the activity in a relaxed atmosphere. The number of sessions required to complete the activity depends on the objectives set out by the teacher and the availability of each school group. The activities in this program are designed to raise awareness of the world and especially the immediate environment. Therefore, students should be reminded that there is never an end to artistic activities. Artists always have their eyes and ears open to any type of everyday event that might help them with their artistic creations.
  • Can schools outside the Basque Autonomous Community take part?
  • Learning Through Art is adapted to the needs and interests of public schools in Basque Country. The purpose of this web page, in addition to making the program known, is to allow teachers in schools not eligible to take part in the program to use and adapt the projects in their own classrooms.
  • Can the projects be adapted for use in secondary schools?
  • The projects presented here were intended for primary school classrooms. However, each activity was designed to be open and flexible and can therefore be adapted to the secondary school level.